The two Bobs and Toms offer agreeable, relaxed shoes. Besides the fact that these shoe styles look very indistinguishable, yet the organizations have comparative plans of action, as well.

They give one sets of shoes to youngsters deprived for each pair bought by a customer. The two brands offer lowkey footwear for an assortment of individuals, however there are a few essential contrasts to observe while looking for a couple.

How precisely do Bobs and Toms think about? We jump into the determinations of the two brands to assist you with concluding which line is best for you with our definitive Bobs shoes versus Toms guide.

Toms Shoes

Toms’ originator is Blake Mycoskie. While visiting Argentina, Blake went over kids who had no shoes and he saw how hard they battled. He saw

the extraordinary effect that shoes would have towards their capacity to go to class and forestall diseases.
This individual experience drove Blake to send off Toms (shoes of TOMorrow) in 2006.

Thus, Toms thought of the one for one idea. For each shoe bought, one sets would be given to kids out of luck. The inventive thought made individuals need to connect with the brand and be important for the purpose. Toms has given shoes to north of 70 nations.

The organization has gone under analysis that their one for one idea just causes buyers to feel better and doesn’t actually address the reasons for destitution for individuals they wish to help.

Research shows that the shoe gifts don’t further develop foot wellbeing or confidence among youngsters, by the same token. All things considered, it builds the sensation of help reliance.


Toms are generally known for creating espadrilles, otherwise called alpargatas, an Argentine-style shoe with a rope or elastic sole, and material on top. Yet, the brand offers different plans too, like tennis shoes and boots, to give some examples.
Their footwear is focused on for everyone ages 13-30. The shoes come in loads of shadings and plans.


The Toms Women’s Alpargata Loafer is one of their most famous models. As indicated by clients, these shoes fit tight the initial not many days you wear them.

A while later, they shape to your feet and the Ortholite insoles are really strong. The soles are likewise machine launderable.
One con clients find is that the shoes will more often than not smell when you wear them in hot temperatures, particularly without socks.

One purchaser depicted their pair smelling horrible after a couple of long stretches of purpose while strolling around holiday.

Likewise note that Toms are just accessible in medium width, which makes them excessively little for individuals with more extensive feet.


Shoes for everyone.
Wide assortment of tones and styles.
Adjust to the state of your feet.
Ortholite insoles are machine launderable.


No wide fit choices.
Will quite often smell once your feet get sweat-soaked.

Bobs Shoes

Weaves Shoes
The brand behind Bobs is the huge exhibition footwear organization, Skechers. They’re known for delivering probably the comfiest shoes, particularly those with adaptive padding.

Weaves was sent off in 2009, fully intent on giving agreeable, easygoing footwear for ladies. It was roused by the South American alpargata shoe. The organization offers an assortment of boots, shoes, shoes from there, the sky is the limit.

This brand has a comparable model to Toms one for one idea, called the soles4souls. For each pair of shoes bought, they give a couple of shoes to youngsters in the US and different nations.
Numerous people have blamed Bobs for essentially replicating Toms here.

Notwithstanding, soles4souls has conveyed in excess of 30 million sets of shoes.


Very much like Toms, Bobs is generally well known for the espadrillos. The organization likewise has a restrictive line of creature motivated shoes.

For each pair bought, they give to creature government assistance associations. Weaves has given more than $6 million to covers up to this point.


One of the more well known shoes is the Women’s Bobs Plush-Peace and Love Ballet Flat. Clients love that it’s presented in a wide size, as well as a medium-fit one.

There’s likewise no break-in period with these shoes and they fit right away. One more enjoyed include is the solace and non-abrasiveness that the machine-launderable, adaptable padding insoles give.

In any case, a few clients report that the shoes go to pieces following a couple of long stretches of wearing them consistently.

This is the ruin of the delicate material: it isn’t the most tough. The simple wear style additionally comes to the detriment of less help for your feet.


Estimating is consistent with fit and agreeable.
Wide choices accessible.
Many tones and examples to look over.
Adaptive padding insoles make for wonderful padding.
Machine-launderable plan.


Could be more steady.
May wear out following a couple of months.

Bobs vs Toms: Comparison


Weaves and Toms shoes are produced using comparable materials. Their most popular alpargata plans comprise of cotton texture and a shock-engrossing EVA elastic outsole.

Notwithstanding, Bobs adaptable padding insoles give a specially crafted fit as they adjust to the state of your feet. They additionally have versatile texture boards that assist the shoes with slipping on effectively, as well as a delicate internal covering for added solace.

Then again, Toms shoes display their material formed footbed for expanded padding. A plastic curve embed for added help adds to the solace. Clients express that Toms makes more steady footwear than Bobs shoes. One more in addition to with the brand is that they have veggie lover choices like Toms Alpargata Birch Terry Cloth (Vegan).

Insole Design

Weaves shoes have adaptable padding insoles that diminish tension as you walk. Froth gives superb padding, offering solace and diminishing foot torment. The ruin with this part is that it breaks down quicker and you’ll have to supplant your insoles following a couple of months.

Toms shoes have an Ortholite insole that is produced using recyclable elastic. It’s breathable, solid and offers extraordinary help for regular wear.

Both shoe brands incorporate an assortment of plans, shadings and examples. Weaves shoes comprise of shoes, heels, easygoing slip-ons, pads and Bobs active apparel.

Their famous creature print shoes have an exceptional plan, for example, the Skechers Bobs Plush-Breeds Ballet Flat.
Toms styles incorporate alpargatas, heels, pads, shoes, boots and tennis shoes. The two brands offer shoes for all kinds of people, as well concerning youngsters.

It relies upon the shoe model, however by and large, Toms and Bobs are about a similar cost and keep going for a comparable measure of time. In any case, clients express that Toms hold up for a more drawn out period.

Make a point to utilize the maker’s guidelines while washing your shoes with one or the other brand, that way you can involve them as far as might be feasible.

FAQs About Bobs vs Toms

Are Bobs and Toms the Same Company?

No, Bobs and Toms aren’t the same company. Their shoes are similar, so are the business models they abide by, but there are some differences as we laid out above.
Bobs operates under the famous footwear company, Skechers, while Toms is the parent business itself.

Do You Wear Socks With Toms?

Yes, you should wear socks with your Toms shoes. Especially with the espadrillos and boot styles. But if you’re wearing open-toe sandals, you can go barefoot, of course.
Socks help protect your skin from rubbing and prevent blisters. For more information, read our article on How To Stop Shoes Rubbing Back of Ankle: Five Expert Tips.

Bobs or Toms: Which Brand is Better?

The two brands offer eminent decisions for agreeable, relaxed and up-to-date shoes. Their coordinated idea and soles4souls have upset the business world, empowering different organizations to take action accordingly.

With respect to the triumphant brand, Toms takes the cake. You essentially can’t beat the first and as far as help, sturdiness, and styles, they’re our top pick.
Notwithstanding, Bobs shoes truly do offer wide fit choices and clients express that the adaptive padding sole makes them very agreeable.

Decide the best brand for yourself and realize you’re giving a youngster a couple of shoes simultaneously.

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