How to Get Relief from Foot Pain Caused by Standing All Day Long?

We need to work almost 100,000 miles in our lifespan. Can you imagine how long the distance is? It’s like circling the earth about four times. But in general, we often forget the importance of our feet and neglect them — until they start hurting.

When we need to spend a great deal of time on their feet like teachers, retailers or mothers or runners, feet pain is a common problem to face. Standing or walking several hours a day can put strain on your legs and feet, and can lead to foot pain. Then you may in search of anything that soothes that aching or tender feeling after a long day on standing or walking on them. Here we discussed some steps you should take in order to avoid getting foot pain by working or standing all day long.


Maintain a Healthy Weight:

As your feet need to bear all the weight of your body, it’s harder for them to work all day with excess weight. Dr. Paul Talusan, assistant professor of the orthopaedic surgery department at the University of Michigan says “The best way to prevent foot pain is to keep your weight down.” Think how your feet will feel if they don’t have to bear your extra 20 pounds.

Through Your High Heels Away:

You may upgrade your outfit by wearing a high heel but they will kick in the feet pain too. One study found that high heels are slightly responsible for ingrown toenails, bunions, shortened calf muscles and even for back pain and deformed toes.

Wear Shoes That Fit:

I know some people wearing the same size for the last 30 years but I’m sure that they are wearing the wrong size. As feet changes shape with age, you should not wear the same size always. Always try to make a trial before purchase and select the shoes that fit well. The tight one may lead to heel pain, deformed toes, bunions etc. feet problem, so avoid tight or lose one.

Use Good Shoe Inserts:

Find comfortable shoe inserts for you to get freedom from fatigue or discomfort. A comfortable shoe inserts can provide you with great comfort while walking, running, playing or standing on rough surfaces by putting strain out of your body.

Take proper support:

It’s almost related to selecting the right footwear with a slight difference. Most of the times we need extra support to get the maximum comfort from our shoe, it may be with the help of ankle support or cushioned insert. Try to get custom insoles if needed, they provide long-lasting comfort and are scientifically proven to reduce pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

Sit Down During Breaks:

Though sitting all day is bad but sitting a little bit during work is very good, especially for your feet. Get relief from foot pain by lessening the pressure on your feet and one of the best ways to do it during work is sitting. Long time standing can cause ligaments and tendons to get inflamed. If you need to work all day on your feet, don’t spoil the break time. Try to sit to give rest to your feet.


Poor fitting shoes can cause pain due to bunions and can develop corns and callouses. If your foot pain is not resolved by following the above suggestion, you should visit a podiatrist asap.

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