how to make bigger shoes fit

Your heels slip out of your shoes when you walk because your foot doesn’t fit properly inside the shoe. Or maybe your toes slide forward because the shoes are too small.

Either way, you need to buy bigger shoes. But if you buy them online, you might not know what size fits best. That’s why we’re here! We have some tips to help you get the perfect fit for your feet.

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6 Ways To Make Your Big Shoes Fit Smaller

When it comes to shoes, we all have big feet and little hands. In fact, many people have bigger feet than their hands.

So what happens when you need a pair of shoes that fit you perfectly and that you can walk in comfortably?

Well, that’s when you need shoes with smaller sizes.

6 Ways To Make Your Big Shoes Fit Smaller

Here are 6 ways to make your big shoes fit smaller.

We live in an age of big shoes. From running shoes to sneakers, women’s shoes, and men’s shoes, shoes are taking up a large portion of our shoe collection.

And even though we may not need a specific size of shoe for our current lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that we can’t find a shoe that fits our feet.

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In this post, we will look at some of the most common shoe sizes, the different types of shoes, and the best ways to find the right pair of shoes that will keep your feet comfortable, and that won’t hurt your wallet.

Pile on the Socks

We should never underestimate the power of socks. They are a perfect tool for making our shoes fit better and more comfortably.

If you have big shoes, it can be hard to find clothes that fit them. But there are ways to make your big shoes fit smaller. One way is to pile on the socks.

This will make the shoe size smaller because the extra volume will add up and take up space. Another way to make your big shoes fit smaller is to buy bigger sizes in both clothing and shoes.

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This way, you can have a more comfortable and proportional outfit that still fits your big feet. And finally, if all else fails, try shopping at a store that specializes in larger footwear or sizing.

These stores usually carry clothing and shoes in different sizes so finding something that will work for you won’t be difficult at all!

Fill the Empty Space

When you’re shopping for shoes, it can be frustrating to find that they fit snugly but not comfortably.

Making your big shoes fit smaller can help solve this problem. Here are three tips on how to make your shoes fit more comfortably:

  1. Choose a shoe size that’s a fraction of a size larger than what you usually wear. For example, if you usually wear a size 9, try size 10 or 11. This will give you some wiggle room and make the shoe feel more comfortable when you put it on.
  2. Wear insoles with your shoes. Insoles add cushioning and can help to make your feet feel taller when they’re in the shoes, which makes them feel more comfortable.

Invest in Insoles

There are a few ways to make your big shoes fit smaller.

One way is to invest in insoles. These inserts can help make your shoes fit more comfortably, and they can also help make your feet look smaller.

Another way to make your shoes fit smaller is to try wearing them in different ways. Try wearing them with socks or without socks, or try wearing them with high heels or low heels.

Finally, you can also try altering the way you wear your shoes by adjusting the height of the heel or toe.

Use Ball of Foot Cushions

In order to make your big shoes fit smaller, you can use ball of foot cushions.

These are little pads that go inside the shoe and help to create a custom fit. You can find them at most shoe stores or online.

Once you have the cushions, put them in the shoes and adjust them until they fit snugly. This will make your shoes smaller without having to resort to surgery or altering your footwear style.

Stick in Heel Strips

Do you have big shoes that just don’t fit anymore? There’s no need to be frustrated, with a few simple tweaks you can make your shoes fit a little better.

One of the most common problems is that people tend to wear their shoes too tightly, which makes them too small.

If you’ve ever tried to put on a pair of boots or sneakers and had no luck getting them over your heel, then this is likely the problem.

The solution is to loosen up your shoe strings a bit and allow them to stretch when you put them on. You can also try using stick in heel strips, which are designed specifically for this purpose.

These little pieces of plastic help to keep the shoe from constricting around your heel while you’re wearing it and they usually attach with Velcro or snaps.

Make the Shoes Smaller

When you buy shoes, it’s important to fit them properly. However, with bigger shoes, it can be hard to find a retailer that has them in your size.

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There are a few ways to make your big shoes fit smaller. You could try making the shoes yourself or finding a store that specializes in smaller shoe sizes.


When trying to fit larger shoes into a smaller foot, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. First, be sure to measure your foot size accurately before beginning any shoe alterations.

Secondly, always wear your shoes loosely when trying them on so that the fit can be adjusted accordingly.

Finally, if you have wider feet or are purchasing shoes for the first time, it is recommended to go up one shoe size from your regular size.

If you’re having trouble making your big shoes fit smaller, there are a few simple tricks you can try. One way is to break in your shoes gradually.

Wear them around the house for a few days, and then take them out for an extended period of time (like work). Another option is to get a shoe that’s one size up.

This way, the extra room will allow your feet to expand more easily. And finally, if all else fails, consider getting a custom-made pair of shoes.

These will fit more snugly than store-bought footwear, which will help your feet adapt to their new size more quickly.


Final Word

In conclusion, here are 5 tips to help you make your shoes fit better:
Try on different pairs of shoes to see which ones fit best.
Be patient when trying on shoes – it may take some time, but eventually you will find a pair that fits well.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a salesperson or friend – they may be able to point you in the right direction.
here are a few tips on how to make bigger shoes fit:
Measure your feet and find the size that corresponds to your shoe size.
Try on several pairs of shoes in different sizes until you find a pair that fits comfortably.
Alter the straps or foot bed if necessary to make the shoe fit properly.
Purchase shoes with a thicker sole, which will help them to enlarge slightly when worn.

How can I make shoes that are too big fit?

1) Measure your feet before shopping. Get a pair of socks or cloths and measure the length and width of both feet, including the heel. This will give you an accurate idea of what size shoe to buy.

2) Try on different sizes until you find one that fits well. Don’t be afraid to try different brands or styles – even if they’re out of your comfort zone. You might be surprised at how many different sizes fit well on big feet!

What happens if your shoes are too big?

If your shoes are too big, there are a few things you can do to make them fit smaller. First, measure your feet and find their size in the chart below.

Second, try on different sizes of shoes until you find the one that fits snugly. Third, put a piece of tape around the back of the shoe to help it fit better.
Fourth, wear your shoes every day for a week to break them in and make them more comfortable.
Fifth, if all else fails, go see a shoe specialist who can help resize your shoes properly.

Should my toes touch the end of my shoes?

There are pros and cons to having toes touch the end of your shoes. The pros are that it can make your feet look smaller and narrower, and it can help you to feel more grounded when you’re wearing heels.

The con is that if your shoes are too small, your toes will constantly be rubbing against each other, which can cause pain. It’s best to err on the side of caution and make sure your toes don’t touch the end of your shoes.