Mindinsole Reviews: Is it Worth Buying?

Have you ever had a feeling like that your feet are killing you before?

I have, not only once but for the last two years; sometimes it ruined my whole day.

I hate remembering that time, because when I was trying to have fun with friends, and couldn’t able to get over the aches and pains in my feet. Just walking around for an hour my feet started throbbing at that time.

magnetic insole

I felt just pain and pain, pain in the balls of feet, in the arch & my heel! My life became hell! Sometimes the pain came in my back, hips, and knees.

That times I meet one of my friends, who have suffered from these types of problems before me. He told me how he got relief by using mindinsole, which is a magnetic insole.

I was confused about its mechanism at that time. He showed some mindinsole reviews that time & told me that it really works.

A few days later I’ve decided to try a magnetic insole and searched for mind insole shoe insert reviews! I saw some horrible and negative reviews of some brand and decided not to try this after reading mind insole insert reviews.mindinsole true reviews

I was again confused by seeing a website of another supplier of a similar product in almost half price compared then others.

The most important thing was the customers were so satisfied with that; it was also clear from the reviews and facebook comments (see below picture).

Besides a famous doctor recommend this insole. I’ve ordered one pair and received after one week.

The quality was good, and I had started using it with my boot. The result was amazing. I had to cut it according to my size, there are cutting marks at the front side. From the third day I was feeling less pain compared with the last two years, and after some day, I was almost okay as like now.

Take a look at facebook comments of last few hours:

So, I can’t tell you any good news about mindinsole, but for the same type of insole from tigergizmo I can assure that you will be 100% pleased with the quality and magnetic healing at half of mindinsole’s price.

After that, I’ve ordered several pairs from tigergizmo and always got the quality products from them. Though they took a little bit time to ship for excessive demands, I don’t want to take the risk of buying insoles with fake magnets and wrong acupressure points from others.

I’m writing this review article on magnetic insole for those people like me, who are suffering for heel, ball, knee or back pain.

As feet are the foundations of your body, pain on the feet can cause misalignment in the entire body. But my amazing magnetic insole let me walk the whole day without the pain.

Later I’ve email supplier about their mechanism, and they explained everything by mail. So now I want to tell you the accurate mindinsole review (which one I’m using) as I realized that we don’t need to live with foot pain any longer when there is a product like that.

Magnetic Insole features at a glance:

By combining all the features of the insole, you can unlock a new level of comfort, especially for your feet and back.

By taking a step with this magnet insole, you’ll start to massage your feet with 12 large acupoints, 120 medium acupoints & 270 micro acupoints of the insert. These massage points will keep foot pain and discomfort away from you. Besides this can improve blood circulation which allows your feet to feel comfortable at all times.

mindinsole review feature

But this isn’t all you get in this magnetic insole. The most important part is the cooling power of this insole. If you’re an athlete, you know how much heat is expelled from our body by feet.

These magnetic insoles have five cooling magnets in each insole which can keep foot heat to a minimum. So you will feel more comfortable with every step without facing sweaty feet & athlete’s foot problem. I hope that you can enjoy walking in true comfort just after using it one week as like me.acupressure points mindinsole used

As per manufacturer’s information:

The large 12 acupoints are strategically placed to provide comfort and pain relief for the foot’s arch. 120 medium points are crucial to massage and soothing which will make each step filled with pleasure. And the 270 micro acupoints works to increase blood circulation which will prevent your feet from facing severe problems.

By knowing all the above features with practical experience, I’ve summarized below points:

This Magnetic insole is specially designed for:

  • Relieving body pain: Focusing on the body’s acupressure points, the insole will help you to get rid of overall body pain including foot and back pain.
  • Cooling and soothing: During summer you can say “goodbye” to sweaty feet by using this magnet insole. This will keep your hot, sweaty feet cool and soothe, so there’s no issue of feeling heat or discomfort.
  • Boost patience: This magnetic insole will boost your endurance by providing greater comfort, less foot heat, and pain relief.

review of mindinsole insert

So in result, a perfect magnetic insole will help you like below:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase fitness
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Flush toxins from the body
  • Relieve sore feet
  • Relieve back pain
  • Boost energy
  • Balance the mind and body

That’s all you will get with this magnetic acupressure insole.

The only negative thing I’ve found with this insole that it’s not made focusing on a specific foot condition.

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, you may need an orthopedic insole rather than this one. It’s made focusing on overall foot health.

Get The Insole Here

Why am I writing this review on mindinsole type insert by tigergizmo? Only because I got great relief by using it from back pain, as well as foot pain.

Once you insert these into your shoes, you’ll be able to feel the difference at once. Hope you will have the same experience as like me, and you will also impress with its quality, durability style and price.

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