8 Tips to Stop Shoes from Rubbing the Back of your Ankle

Do you fear wearing in another pair of shoes?

Is it true or not that you are concerned they could give you rankles or hurt your heels? Peruse on if you could get a kick out of the chance to know how to prevent shoes from scouring the rear of your lower leg.

Step by step instructions to prevent shoes-from-scouring the-rear of-your-lower leg

It’s something or other that you simply know, you will get rankles assuming your shoes begin scouring. Shy of taking them off, how else might you keep them from harming the rear of your foot? Then, at that point, there is the aggravation that can bring about your Achilles ligament, heels, or lower leg.

We should take a gander at certain things that could assist with keeping this from occurring and keep your shoes agreeable.


The reason for shoe scouring can be either an issue with your feet or the shoes. On the off chance that you have an ill-advised fit, all things considered, one or both are excessively little and will rub against different parts on strolls making them feel awkward to wear for extensive stretches on the double.

At times this may simply bring about minor distress yet generally these sorts in the event that issues lead once again into persistent agony which ruins our day-to perceive how we’re feeling in the wake of strolling around throughout the morning


There are a couple of things that shoes scouring the rear of your lower leg can cause. These include:

Grinding rankles: That difficult, liquid filled raised area of skin brought about by scouring can be extremely excruciating. They are quite possibly the most widely recognized thing brought about by shoes scouring against your heels and lower legs.

Achilles Tendonitis: There are a few reasons for this provocative condition, one of which is a shoe scouring continually against the impact point or top of the foot.

This strain on the Achilles ligament can cause a knock on the foundation of the heel or at the lower leg. It tends to be made by tissue breakdown due abuse and scouring shoes won’t help.

Bursitis: The bursae are liquid filled sacs that assist with padding the bones and ligaments in the lower leg. Sick fitting shoes or high heels can make them become aggravated and excruciating.

There are a few things you can do to assist with keeping your shoes from scouring against your lower leg and causing injury. We should investigate some of them.



We have effectively referenced that this is quite possibly the most widely recognized thing shoes that rub against your heels or lower legs causes. These are a portion of the things you can do to forestall rankles framing:


Moleskin is a solid thick cotton texture with a rich shaved heap surface on one side and tacky on the other. You can stick some inside the impact points of your shoes to forestall scouring.

Ensure within the impact point of your shoe is liberated from residue or soil.
Strip back the defensive support on the moleskin shape.
Stick the shape set up within the impact point of your shoe

Star Tip

Cut the shape required somewhat bigger than you want to ensure the culpable region is covered.

Moleskin can likewise be applied to your skin to assist with forestalling rankles framing.

Genius Tips
Cover a region bigger than the spots that could rub, this way it could stick better.
Wear ragged socks over the moleskin to assist with keeping it set up.

You can track down a video here from the Academy of Dermatology on the most proficient method to forestall and treat rankles.

These sticks can be bought at pharmacies on the web. They contain an analgesic which is applied straightforwardly to your skin, making an undetectable obstruction. This, thusly, forestalls contact, one of the reasons for rankles when shoes rub.

You can pick one like this from Salemites. It’s unscented, hypoallergenic, and delicate on your skin.


Assuming you were past the point of no return from preventing your perspective from scouring and rankles have as of now framed, make certain to keep them covered. This will keep disease and pad them from additional harm.

You could pick something like these heel gauzes from Band-Aid. They are padded and waterproof to protect rankles from turning out to be more regrettable and help the mending system.


Keeping feet dry can assist with forestalling rankles. You can utilize antiperspirant behind you to forestall the dampness and perspire which make abrading from shoes that rub.


Sick fitting shoes can make your feet move around inside them, causing grinding prompting rankles. Consider setting an insole inside your shoes or utilizing an impact point grasp to hold your foot set up.

Shoes that are too enormous can profit from over-the-counter insoles to take up the leeway.

Shoes which are too little will squeeze your feet prompting torment. I’m certain we have all been there with another pair of shoes we were unable to stand by to wear. You wind up yearning to return home to take them off.

There are not many things you can attempt with shoes that are too close or new shoes to extend them and mellow the heels.

Mellowing the rear of new shoes can assist with keeping them from scouring your lower legs. Calfskin and calfskin will relax simpler than things like texture, elastic, or plastic.

You can mellow heels by:

Utilizing a calfskin conditioner, similar to mink oil or beeswax. Apply it and leave it short-term to condition the calfskin. Simply know it could change the shade of the calfskin.

Set on two sets of socks and afterward utilize a hairdryer to warm your shoes. Set the shoes on and afterward stroll around in them. As they cool, they will shape to your feet.

Professional TIP

Utilizing a hairdryer on plastics and fabricated materials probably won’t be smart. Indeed, even on cowhide and texture, don’t get the shoes too hot, simply mellow and warm them.

Extending SHOES

Shoes can be extended utilizing either a shoe tree, a shoe cot, or a shoe stretch splash. Shoes that fit your feet better will be more averse to rub your lower legs.

For a shoe tree, place it from your point of view at whatever point you’re not wearing them. It will assist them with keeping their shape and in the event that it’s excessively wide or long can extend them over the long run.

A shoe cot does what it says, extends your shoes; most have a handle and a handle that you go to change them.

Pop them from your perspective and turn the handle until the material of the shoes is cozy over the cot. Leave them for around eight hours or so and change further in the event that they aren’t sufficiently extended

A shoe stretch splash like this one from Foot Matters could deal with a wide range of materials. You essentially shower the region you need to stretch and afterward stroll around in thick socks with the shoes on until they dry. The application can be rehashed if necessary.

On the off chance that you don’t confide in yourself to extend your own shoes then you can continuously take them to a shoemaker to do it for you. This video shows you a shoemaker extending a shoe.

Another approach to extending your shoes is to wear them in tenderly by strolling around in them at home for brief timeframes. This will take longer than different strategies however ideally will ultimately make them more agreeable.


Wet or moist feet increment your possibilities getting rankles. Beside the expanded gamble since you’re strolling around with wet shoes the entire day, water likewise mellow skin and makes it more powerless to harm – something particularly terrible assuming there are any painful injuries on top!

Assuming you observe that your feet are continually wet, have a go at utilizing a permeable powder like talcum to assist with keeping the climate in the middle of each shoe dry.

You may likewise need pick breathable materials for socks and permit them additional space for error so they can inhale better while as yet getting dampness far from all pieces of our body!


The most ideal way to abstain from rankles and scouring is by wearing socks with sufficient padding between your feet, which will be shielded from the hard surfaces in a shoe.

While certain styles of socks look extraordinary, they probably won’t offer any insurance or solace when contrasted with more strong choices ensure they have regular cushioning so it’s not really flimsy!

Lastly: pick materials like merino fleece that draw dampness away while keeping heat not far off

Ways to really focus On YOUR FEET

Taking care of the overall strength of your feet is similarly pretty much as significant as having great fitting shoes. The following are a couple of basic things you can do to keep your feet in most excellent condition:

Wash and dry your feet day by day to keep microbes under control.
Absorb your feet high temp water and utilize a pumice stone to eliminate unpleasant dead skin. Do this tenderly so you don’t harm your skin.

Saturate your feet and lower legs to assist with keeping the skin from becoming dry and broken.
Keep your toenails cl

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